Los Bateles Beach

An urban beach with fine golden sand and almost one kilometer long, extending up to where the Salado river flows;its lovely seafront is delightful and with all services and equipment ready available and complete .

Castilnovo Beach

When you leave the beach Los Bateles you find its continuation, Castilnovo Beach, from here you can clearly sight its watchtower, sparsely populated and frequently a nudist spot.

La Fontanilla Beach

A fine goldan sand beach approximately two kms long,with transparent crystalline water and extending as for as los Bateles beach. It is wholly equipped with complete services.

Beaches Calas Camacho, el Sudario, Pitones y Melchor

Small beaches with a medium or difficult access, un equipped and all located between cala del aceite and Conil. These are usually nudist spots.

Calas de Roche or Poniente

Small beaches with an easy access, extraordinarily beautiful and where you can enjoy nudism as a general practice. Gorgeous ochre coloured cliffs contrasting with the deep blue sea and the green coloured trees in the back round, the dark colour of the sand and the huge blocks fallen along the times.

Los Caños Beach

A fine golden sand urban beach in a spectacular landscape located between Trafalgar cape and the surrounding cliffs and green pine trees. It is a nudist beach perfect for windsurfing and diving practice.

Zahora y Mangueta Beaches

Rustic beach with fine golden sand which extends from El Palmar up to the Trafalgar cape wholly equipped with complete service and perfect for underwater diving sports.

Roche Beach (Playa del Puerco)

This is the continuation of La Barrosa beach extending along 1.5 Kms from the tower El Puerco up to the Roche urban center. It is a virgin beach with fine golden sand, surrounded by cliffs of not very vertical walls.

El Palmar Beach

An almost 8 kms long seaside with fine golden sand and crystalline water and a moderate swell perfect to practice surf and windsurf. The watchtower Torrenueva has been restored for public use. All services and equipment are very complete.


Vejer de la Frontera

This is one of the white pueblos, the most beautiful and modest of all the Andalusia “pueblos “. It looks like a white island at the top of a hill merging into the blue of the sky and the sea. It has been declared as an historic-artistic monument and awarded a national award for its beauty. The streets are narrow and full of turns. The city walls were built in the middle ages with a castle at its highest central point. It has four original doors which give access to the city: the “arcos del segur”, the “Sancho IV”, the of the city and the closed door. Monuments in Vejer: the divino Salvador church, the receptionists nuns convent, the chapel Virgen de la Oliva, the square plaza de España, the casa del Mayorazgo, the Jewish quarter with the castle and the Arch de la Segur ( from the castle´s battlements you can enjoy some surprising sights. You should also visit Santa Lucia with its Romanesque aqueduct and also La Muela, rural centers of beautiful countryside and exuberant vegetation. At approximately 9 km distance you find the El Palmar beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cádiz coastline.

Caños de Meca

Known as the Herculean columns by the greeks. Los caños, surrounded by the sea, the cliffs and the pine trees and under the wonderful light of this zone, appears as a fan of contrasts apparently conceived to enjoy all senses. The name Los Caños makes reference to its innumerable fresh water sources. The sand is fine and white and the water crystalline where nudism is an usual practice. The natural park ” La Breña ” extends from Barbate up to Caños de Meca and Zahora offering a great variety of different ecosystems of important ecological value such as its cliffs measuring up to 100 m high over sea level, the woods of pine trees, its Mediterranean scrubland,the dunes, marshes and the rocky bottom of the sea due to the cliffs fallen along the years.

Conil de la Frontera

With an exceptional situation going down to the seaside, its most attractive privilege is the beauty of its different beaches, the marine tradition and its wonderful tourist life. The marine tradition has been lasting along the years mixing the combination of the white villages beauty and the charm of the fishing site. Wonderful cliffs and beaches of golden fine sand and crystalline waters. It has been declared a historical artistic monument and the main monuments are: Santa Catalina parish church ( 16 Th century ), the Misaricordia church ( 18 Th century ), The Espiritu Santo and Jesus chapels (17 Th century ), its famous ” Puerta de la Villa ” ( The Town Door ) remains of the ancient Conil walls, the watchtowers of Castilnovo, Roche, Puerco and Guzman ( 15 Th century ). Conil is rich in traditions and has excellent handicrafts pottery and gastronomy, with the products resulting from its abundant fishing and its fertile market garden.

Novo Sancti Petri

Between sand dune, this is a golf paradise. Situated at Chiclana de la Frontera it is an exemplary urban development of 4.000 Ha, between the beach and the pine trees and with a golf course designed by Severiano Ballesteros. Tourism of a medium and high social standing and in a natural environment of quiet atmosphere with an ample hotel offer directed to the practice of golf and beach tourism deluxe hotels, urban development surrounded by golf courts and a semi-virgin beach which is among the best in the Andalusi coastline. Only the Sotogrande nucleous in Andalucia is built in this same way but it is a very restricted access area, very closed, while the Novo Santi Petri is open to go for a stroll and for the enjoyment of whoever whishes to go all over it.

Zahara de los Atunes

Situated at the feet of the bull route it owes its name to its marine past and the tuna fishing carried out with the famous “almadrabas” ( one of the most ancient human fishing methods ). The beaches are clean and with pure crystalline water and golden sand surrounded by country side and mountains. At approximately 4 km you will find. The Atlanterra development, of high standing and which goes up along the side of the Plata cape and developments in the first row of the beach. Its main monuments are: The almadraba´s castle with only its walls still erected; it was built in the XVI th century by the duke of Medina Sidonia to protect the almadrabas and to prepare all the canning of the tuna fished in this coast.



Is the southerner city in Europe, open to both seas; the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and also open to all civilizations, from the mists of time. Only 14 kms separate Tarifa from Africa through the strait of Gibraltar. This wind surfing paradise also known as the ” wind capital ” is one of the best sites in the world to practice this sport and actually it is where the world windsurfing champion ship takes place. Port of the ancient Arabian fortress is still standing and at the center of the city the streets are real narrow. Visitors love its cosmopolitan atmosphere. The beaches are long and wild, with white fine sand and crystalline water. It has two natural reserves. Los Lances and San Carlos. Main monuments; Baelo Claudia at Bolonia ( II nd century b.c. ). The Guzman el Bueno castle, San Mateo and San Marcos churches ( XVI th century) and Virgen de la Luz sanctuary.